How to win a guy back over text


Hello Ladies! We all know long distance relationships can be quite demanding. It gets worse when you have to win a guy back over text. Difficult right? But not impossible. Applying a few tips and tricks can actually get your man. And you can do it all via text, especially when he is too angry to talk to you or out of town and not answering the phone.

How to win a guy back over text

CONVEY PERSONALITY. Do you know it is possible to know who you are by the words you use? Yeah. You need to communicate with him using words that can get right through him and show him you want him back. He’s probably pissed and got out of the relationship because of your attitude. So, you need to show him that you’re a changed person by typing words that show responsibility. Affirmations work! Tell him you’re not quitting and that you’re willing to do what it takes to win him back. It shows not just responsibility but also commitment and loyalty, virtues in short supply these days.

SHOW EMPATHY. Most guys appreciate a lady who can understand them without having to explain things to her. In this case, he is not willing to share. He left already. So, find out what is going on with him through some other means. A friend could help. Then send texts that show understanding and support. Remind him you’re a listening ear even if you can’t help him out. The good thing is that you can send as many as you like but be careful so you won’t get him riled up.

How to win a guy back over text

BE EROTIC. It’s like clockwork. When a guy reads naughty things from a girl, he can’t help the smile. He’s got to soften up. The macho in men has a reset feature that can be unlocked by sending him something that sounds sexy and seductive.

BE WITTY. Generally, when a lady displays a high level of intelligence, it can be a turn on for a guy. When you send him texts, let them convey brilliant thoughts and ideas. He will find you irresistible. Identify topics that interest him and show him you know about the subject matter. For example, a guy who loves sports, say soccer, will be attracted to a girl who sends him a text showing her support just before a game begins. And when his team wins, a ‘Yay’ text will be cool. A guy in a good mood will be more responsive to romantic gestures.

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