how to make her miss you and want you back


I know men to be natural smooth operators. They just know what to do if they want to keep a woman in their lives but then again, you may have tried but it’s not working so you need to try someone else’s methods for the sake of love.

Guys, you have to know this, women are not all the same and should be treated differently. Your woman will not want the same things as your friends. What I mean is this: women, as complex as they may be, can be very easy to read like a book. So, know your woman and how best to deal with her.

how to make her miss you and want you backLET GO OF YOUR EGO. Men are natural egoists and this prevents them from getting what they want a lot of the time. Yet the truth is, in love, there should not be any form of pride. Ladies detest pride with a passion I daresay.

WHY SHE LEFT. Do you have an inkling she left because of something you did? Yes, she did not just walk away. You did something along the line that hurt her and that is why you should let go of your ego so you set to work on making her miss you.

KNOW THE THINGS SHE LIKES. Every lady wants to be loved, cherished and appreciated. You can only satisfy these when you know her and what matters to her. Know how to make her feel like she is all that matters when she is with you, that way you sure are on your way back to her heart.

KEEP IN TOUCH. Be her friend. Let her know you still care. Check on her, know what is going on in her life but don’t be too close so you do not end up sending her farther away. Know when to leave a text message or call. It touches the deepest part of a woman when you go the extra mile for her. There is always someone a woman listens to. As much as you don’t want to appear like she is your life, get her friend involved if you have to.

BE YOURSELF! Women love, admire, and respect men who can hold their own. They love charisma and men who naturally commands authority without effort. Do not go toddling after her like a mushy puppy but do something to make her see you in her mind’s eye like a hero.