candida overgrowth
Why candida overgrowth can be life-threatening

Why candida overgrowth can be life-threatening

candida overgrowth  Candida is not only very annoying, but it can also really be very serious. Did you know that candida can produce more than 75 different toxic substances and untreated candida infection can be very dangerous? Research shows the connection between candida bacteria and human diseases.

Systemic candidiasis is a fairly dangerous condition and is even fatal in 75% of cases. Fortunately, most fungal infections are innocent. Only unpleasant symptoms manifest themselves. However, people with a seriously weakened immune system run a much greater risk.

Many people see fungal infections as a strictly female problem that affects only the vaginal area and most people, therefore, have little or no idea that candida can be systemic and can get into the bloodstream.

It can be very serious and even deadly, especially in case the patient also has other health problems such as HIV / AIDS or diabetes.

Options for candida overgrowth treatment

How can you cure Candida problems? Can you fight the proactive? There are many different treatments for various candida infections whether they are diaper rash, sprawl, penis fungal infection, vaginitis, systemic candida or something else.

A candida attack that is constantly reversing can be a sign of a serious underlying condition and can therefore be a sign that your health is seriously at risk.

Possible causes

It is important to look for the possible causes of Candida infections that are recurring. Changing nutrition and lifestyle can significantly help, but if they do not, there may be a serious underlying cause of recurrent yeast overgrowth. Candida should not be left untreated and a change in your lifestyle could keep your bacteria proactive under control.

Symptoms of candida overgrowth

Candida can be very irritating to skin rashes and discharges, but it is not always necessary to give clear symptoms. The skin rash is, for example, somewhat witty, and when it comes to discharging it is white slime on the vagina or penis. You can also get in the mouth of white spots and thicker mucus.

Sometimes it may manifest itself in less obvious ways, such as fatigue, high desire for sugar, bloated feeling and a long list of other health-related issues including even emotional and mental problems.

Your health can be an indication of how your body is in a war of positive versus negative bacteria. A strong immune system can fight candida and be in poor health can promote candida growth significantly, which thrives in a toxic environment. A doctor’s test can detect candida problems with a first diagnosis. After that, you can be aware of relapse and thus respond more quickly.

Solutions for candida

There are many potential remedies for less severe cases of candida infections, including changing your diet, taking supplements, increasing your intake of probiotics, infrared saunas, and aerobics, shower, coconut oil, apple vinegar, Tea tree oil and other measures that can help keep your body balanced.


For example, if you swallow antibiotics that kill all bacteria instead of just tackling the bad ones, you are also more susceptible to candida overgrowth because the positive flora is killed by the antibiotics, which gives the candida the upper hand.

The use of probiotics, prebiotics, and even synbiotics can be very useful.

In the pharmacy, creams, ointments, and suppositories are available for candida rashes and some more aggressive treatment options may be required for more severe candida including prescribed medication. There are a lot of medicines to fight over the yeast overgrowth. For very serious candida infections a very aggressive medicine is used with several serious risks and the necessary side effects.

But those are necessary to overcome the fungus, which can thus be life-threatening without proper follow-up.

Go to a doctor

Therefore, always consult a doctor if you suffer from symptoms of candida overgrowth. Especially if you also suffer from diabetic or an impaired immune system. It is important to prevent too many candida from entering your bloodstream.

Prevent candida overgrowth

Prevention is always better than healing. Therefore, check for yourself if you belong in the risk group. For example, do you use medicines that reduce your immune system? Are you suffering from diabetes or another disease that weakens your immune system?

Nutrition usually plays a role in developing candida overgrowth. Candida feeds itself with unhealthy foods like sugars and unhealthy fats. Also, the good bacteria in your body need proper nutrition and they have less power to balance the candida if you often eat fats, fabricated foods, and sugars.

Therefore, make sure these statements are correct for you:

  • I eat a bite almost every day.
  • I do not mind chewing.
  • I always have a nice trek.
  • I eat white bread during breakfast and lunch and often as a snack.

If you have said at least 3 times yes to these statements, follow a diet that the candida also likes. It is then important to make adjustments to prevent candida problems.

Replace the following power supply with healthy alternatives

A fat bite may occasionally be possible. Therefore it is convenient to make a reservation for fries, pizzas, pancakes or other fatty foods 1 day a week. It is wise to eat whole-grain products during the rest of the week during dinners, such as brown rice or whole-wheat pasta, or just a lot of vegetables and lean meat.

If a snack usually means eating a manufactured bar or a sauce sandwich, it’s a good idea to take a healthy snack, such as a piece of fruit, carrots or a boiled egg.

White bread is all fast carbohydrates that also enjoy the candida. Replace white bread for whole wheat alternatives and try to limit eating bread to breakfast and lunch and do not take it as a snack. Sweetheart, you only eat bread 1 times a day.


Candida overgrowth can be life-threatening. With a certain amount of candida in the blood, the chance of survival is even very small. Always consult a doctor if you have symptoms of candida overgrowth. Especially if you are in a risk group with an impaired immune system.