candida overgrowth symptoms

Candida vs candida overgrowth symptoms

candida overgrowth symptomsThere is a difference (read: big difference) between “candida” and “candida overgrowth symptoms“. As you probably guessed, the difference is him in the last word. In this article, I am talking about the differences between candida and candida overgrowth and what we can do about it.

The main difference between candida and candida overgrowth is the fact that candida overgrowth symptoms are practically in your entire body. Even if you’re just healthy! Every person has candida in his body right now and that is very normal.

However, when the candida bacteria breakthrough, in some cases there is a fungal infection. As a result, the immune system gets tired and tries to restore balance by killing excessive fungi. However, if your immune system is unable to restore the balance, the fungus gets the chance of growing and colonizing through the body.

The symptoms may be:

Poor stools, no appetite, abdominal pain, secretion, intestinal problems, stomach ache, skin rash and many more symptoms, depending on where the fungi are expanding.

Candida can be found throughout your body

If you have a fungal infection, this does not mean that you suffer from candida overgrowth. But this can not be the result of this being done quickly and correctly. The fungus then extends throughout your body and causes a cluster of symptoms such as fatigue, skin rash, secretion, and a weak immune system.

Also, you can have a fungal infection in your intestines and stomachs, and even your mouth can be filled with candida fungus. As you have read, a fungal infection in itself is already bad enough, but a candida overgrowth is completely dangerous and painful!

At this stage, it is extremely important to stop further growth of the fungi in time. For example, an infection can not spread and minimizes the risk of your organs being affected.

A candida overgrowth certainly has nasty consequences and must be stopped in time. This form of fungal infection is not only difficult but also dangerous to even life-threatening. If you currently suffer from candida overgrowth you will need to enable PER DIRECT professional help.

Candida Overgrowth Causes

Candida overgrowth does not just happen. The fungus, of course, requires several stimuli, which activates it and can break through and multiply rapidly. Not every incentive applies to anyone, this is personal. It is usually not a stimulus that “activates” the fungal infection. It is often a combination of various causes that cause overexposure to the candida.

Below, I have listed the most common incentives for you.

  • Immune system: The number one cause that the candida Albicans can multiply so rapidly is a reduced immune function.
    A malfunctioning immune system is the result of an unhealthy way of life combined with a lot of stress. You may also be suffering from recurrent fungal infections.
  • Hormones can stimulate a fungal infection. Hormones: A hormonal change at the end of the menstrual cycle can be another cause of, for example, a vaginal fungal infection. Contraception and pregnancy are two other factors that can cause infection. Often, women during pregnancy suffer from recurrent fungal infections.
  • Sex: While candida infections are generally not seen as sexually transmitted diseases (SOA), it is likely transmissible by body fluid and sperm. More information: “Vaginal fungal infection”
  • Antibiotics: Antibiotic is a cause of chronic fungal infection in women. Especially due to certain types of antibiotics for prolonged use! This is because antibiotics kill not only the “bad” bacteria but also the “good”. This gives the candida Albicans the chance to grow!
  • Unhealthy Way of Life: Many people are insufficiently aware that an unhealthy way of life in 9 out of 10 cases is the cause of the fungal infection. This is due to the increased sugar level in your body which is used as fuel by the yeast (fungus) to grow. Hence, your way of life is so important to prevent and fix fungal infections. IMPORTANT: A healthy way of life is not what you think. During my research, I discovered that about 90% of all people with a fungal infection, structural defects and unconsciously make fungal infections fuel to grow!

Candida overgrowth summarized

candida overgrowth symptomsCandida overgrowth is briefly a worse form of candida! In the case of candida overgrowth, the fungus is in your entire body and this fungal infection has not been solved 1-2-3.
At this stage, a simple cure no longer helps.

If you have this severe form of candida you must remove ALL candida stimulants from your life so that candida does not have the chance to develop further in your entire body. Healthy nutrition and fungal infections, this article provides more insight into the balance to counteract the fungus.

Always ensure a good diet if you have a fungal infection! But also afterward so that you do not suffer from recurrent fungal infections

Immune system failure

If you currently have a fungal infection or you think you have a candida overgrown, then it’s important to start treatment right away.

First of all, you will need to turn on professional help if you have Candida overgrown because of the potentially life-threatening consequences. Also, it is smart to sign up for my candida program. In this, we will eliminate all fungal infections, step up your immune system and tackle excessive candida growth!

Tackling a fungal infection at the CORE and increasing your natural resistance will cause a fungal infection to disappear as snow for the sun.