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candida cureIn the intestinal problems, causes and symptoms, you have read that a well functioning digestive system is essential for good health. After all, digestive problems can lead to many other health problems, including an imbalance in your hormones, a weakened immune system, and an accelerated aging process. Leaky gut and Candida also have a link with a lot of diseases, such as almost all autoimmune diseases, ADHD, muscle and nerve diseases, mental disorders, chronic infections, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, almost all allergies, MS, migraine, eczema, skin problems , Asthma, liver problems, dyslexia and forehead cavity inflammation. It is therefore important that you first look at your diet because if you are healthy inside you will not have much trouble to look good from the outside.

Your hormone has a direct impact on the store or burns fat, so if your goal is to improve your health or lose weight you have to make your intestinal flora in balance and your first healthy bowel function. We have in the preceding chapters mentioned earlier that one of the most common bowel problems Candida fungal infection, and that this can lead to other health problems such as Leaky Gut.

Why do not most Candida medicines help?

candida cureCandida and bowel are stubborn conditions that affect overall health and make it difficult for a healthy and energetic life. Drugs from the pharmacy, such as Nystatin, Diflucan, Sporanox, and Lamisil, usually work hard or hard and mask only the symptoms. The Candida fungus is not killed but suppressed with these medications, and once you stop with Candida treatment, the fungus returns to full glory in a few days.

Previously, we have already read that a wild growth of Candida fungi occurs when the relationship between the “good” and “bad” bacteria in your body is out of balance. This can have various causes, including too much sugar (glucose) and carbohydrates in your diet, use of medications such as antibiotics, a weakened immune system and/or an imbalance in the degree of acidity (pH) of the body caused by chronic stress, diseases, and exposure to toxic substances.

Only if you take a Candida infection at the source and therefore the cause of the occurrence of fungal infection takes away you will be able to treat Candida and Leaky Gut successfully. First, make sure that your diet is optimally composed so that the Candida fungus does not get the chance to multiply itself. The best method to cure Candida naturally is by first making sure you get all the foods that Candida stimulates as much as possible from your diet. Then you can add specific foods and superfoods to your diet to further fight your Candida. The following two paragraphs discuss these foods. It is also important not to jump loose with this Candida plan; If you want Candida to be controlled, take the best of these guidelines as far as possible before taking additional steps to Candida.

How to combat Candida’s natural nutrition pattern in a natural way

  • Sugars are the main source of nutrition for the Candida fungus, and with sugars, the fungus can multiply itself at a rapid rate in the body.
  • Carbohydrates are converted into sugars in the body, and therefore, just like sugars, are a true diet for Candida.
    Also fungal and yeast-containing foods are a diet for Candida and should, therefore, be avoided.
  • Alcohol has a very good Candida-promoting effect on the body. Alcohol, for example, contains yeast, which is an important nutritional basis for Candida. Besides, the alcohol in the body is converted into sugars and kills the “good bacteria” in the digestive system.
  • Always make sure you eat enough healthy fats and proteins at every meal. This is essential if you want to eliminate Candida, as this improves the natural immune system, which makes the body better able to cure Candida.
  • It is also important to use sufficient probiotics-containing products because they contain healthy bacteria that restore the natural balance of the intestinal flora.
  • Drink sufficiently purified water. As a result, the body can discharge the toxic by-products more easily, causing them to minimize damage to your body.
  • Prevent exposure to chemicals and the use of medication. Of course, always consult your treating physician before deciding to stop certain medications.
  • For an explanation of the above points and nutrition information you can eat, you can read the full article on the Super Burner Methods Ledensite.

Fungicidal nutrition and supplements

In addition to avoiding foods that feed the Candida fungus, you can also take more food from certain foods because they are active in Candida. Also, it does not make sense to only eat some extra fungicidal products and do not follow the anti-Candida plan, as you keep feeding the Candida, which means you will see little or no results on balance. Among other things, the following foods and supplements cause fungi to be killed and removed from the body (for an explanation and more tips, see the blog The anti-Candida grocery list or read the full article on the Super Burner Lens Site).

  • Garlic
  • Olive leaf extract
  • Turmeric
  • Coconut oil
  • Colloidal silver
  • Edible clays bentonite and montmorillonite

Candida’s healing begins with yourself

The pharmaceutical industry claims that fungal infections can be cured with pills and ointments. But all that medication has little effect if your diet is far from optimal because Candida will keep up with it. To get rid of Candida, your intestinal flora and acidity must be rebalanced, and you are doing a healthy diet because it causes Candida to have no nutritional basis to develop.

After reading this chapter you might be a little discouraged because it seems like you can hardly eat anything. Still, there is a lot of choice of incredibly delicious things that you can eat. Here we continue in the next blog.

This is a summary of the article “What Should I Avoid Now” on the Super Burner Methods Ledensite, which explains why most medicines for Candida usually work hard, which food can better avoid you if you want to fight Candida and why and what foods are right? It is very good if you suffer from Candida.